Artesia – Wanderings CD with Book

Artesia – Wanderings CD with Book

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Artesia – Wanderings CD with Book
1 A L'Ombre Des Grandes Forêts 2:52
2 Wanderings 8:07
3 Aerial 3:01
4 The Summit Of The Tree 3:22
5 Lying On The Grey Foam 5:14
6 The Gaels 4:14
7 In My Dreamy Thoughts 5:46
8 Quiet They Are Now 4:27
9 Tristesse 4:57

Condition: Very good: The item is used but still in very good condition. There is no damage to the jewel case or item cover: no scuffs, scratches cracks, or holes.

***Look closely at photos as part of the item description and make any questions you have before your purchase, the product in the images is the EXACT one you will receive and is sold "as is"***

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