National Geographic Magazine Discovering the first Galaxies February 2003

National Geographic Magazine Discovering the first Galaxies February 2003

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National Geographic Magazine
Discovering the first Galaxies
February 2003
National Geographic has been published continuously since its first issue in 1888. It primarily contains articles about science, geography, history, and world culture. The magazine is known for its thick square-bound glossy format with a yellow rectangular border and its extensive use of dramatic photographs. 

In this Magazine:

Discovering the First Galaxies { Galaxy Hunters: The Search for Cosmic Dawn}
Galaxy Hunters A new breed of scientists leads a cosmic revolution in thinking how the universe came to be. BY RON COWEN
New Light on Deep Sea Vents { Dawn in the Deep}
Dawn in the Deep It's always night in the world of sea vents- until a film crew summons the power to illuminate the abyss. BY RICHARD A. LUTZ PHOTOGRAPHS BY STEPHEN LOW PRODUCTIONS AND EMORY KRISTOF
Survivors { The Nuba: Still Standing}
Survivors Outcasts in their own land, Sudan's Nuba hold on. BY KAREN E. LANGE PHOTOGRAPHS BY MEREDITH DAVENPORT
Vancouver Island's Circle of Life { Pacific Suite}
Pacific Suite From wolves to whales, from rain forests to tidal flats- Vancouver Island's Clayoquot Sound has them all. BY DOUGLAS H. CHADWICK PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOEL SARTORE
Lewis and Clark's Pathfinder { Sacagawea; Searching for Sacagawea}
Sacagawea What we know about her: She was a teenage mother and a valued interpreter for Lewis and Clark. What we don't know about her: Almost everything else. BY MARGARET TALBOT PHOTOGRAPHS BY CHRIS JOHNS ART BY DAVID GROVE
Behind the Lines in Shattered Sudan { Shattered Sudan: Drilling for Oil, Hoping for Peace}
Shattered Sudan An oil pipeline fuels the unforgiving heart of a seemingly endless war. It may also be a means to peace. BY PAUL SALOPEK PHOTOGRAPHS BY RANDY OLSON
83422: All Eyes on Idaho's Finest { ZipUSA: Driggs, Idaho}
ZipUSA: Driggs, Idaho Billionaires, Mormon potato farmers, and skateboarders share an uncommon home in 83422. BY TOM DWORETZKY PHOTOGRAPHS BY NINA BERMAN
Knots { On the Wing From Arctic to Australia; Unraveling the Knots; Birds That Go To Extremes}
Unraveling the Knots How do these Arctic- breeding shore- birds take the heat of a summer home in Australia's sizzling tropics? BY JOHN L. ELIOT PHOTOGRAPHS BY JAN VAN DE KAM

Magazine Condition: Excellent condition, almost as new.  

Issue Type: Monthly
Type: Magazine
Country of Manufacture: United States
Subject: Science, Geography
Title: National Geographic 
Language: English
Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
Year Published: 2003

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